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DSPAM acquired by Sensory Networks

whoa, didn’t see that coming. Quoting Jonathan Zdziarski via jgc’s newsletter:

…The [DSPAM] project had grown to a point where it would take others – with enough free time – to bring DSPAM to the next level as a widely accepted enterprise-class solution, and [I] decided that it would be in the best interest of the project to entrust it to someone with the technical knowhow and dedication to reach these goals. Many of you are aware of my work in the past with Sensory Networks in developing a hardware-accelerated version of DSPAM (capable of supporting multi-megabit speeds in large carrier environments). I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with SN’s team over the past several years and when we initially discussed working together, they had shown to be very excited and motivated about the project.

After careful consideration and many discussions at length, I decided to allow Sensory Networks to acquire the rights to the project, and continue development on it with their own team. SN has displayed a strong commitment to the open source community and has been working closely with other leading projects such as Snort, Clam Antivirus, and SpamAssassin. They assured me that the project will remain open-source and available to all, and at the same time the project will receive exposure in commercial environments it has not seen before, as many of you have been asking for. We’ve now completed the acquisition for the project, and I’d like to encourage you to support them in helping them move forward as it grows into new areas.

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