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Here’s the talk I gave at MAAWG, entitled New Features in SpamAssassin 3.2.0 Of Interest To Large Receivers:


Many ISPs and mail receivers, at all scales, use SpamAssassin as part of their spam-filtering arsenal. The recent release of SpamAssassin 3.2.0 introduces much new functionality, and some of this is of particular interest to the large-scale mail receiver; in particular, rules compiled to parallel-matching native object code for increased speed, early short-circuiting based on administrator-specified rules, the new “msa_networks” setting to specify MSA hosts or pools, a new ruleset to detect spam/virus backscatter bounces, a way to run SpamAssassin in the Apache httpd server using mod_perl, and support for Amazon’s EC2 virtual server farm. In this talk, I’ll discuss each of these in detail, and discuss why it may be useful to you.

If you were at MAAWG, hope you enjoyed it ;)

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