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How to solve a maze with Photoshop

wow, this is cool. lod3n, confronted by this heinous puzzle, wrote:

‘2 minutes in Photoshop. All too easy. So, where do I pick up my cake?

  1. Increase contrast.
  2. Select the right wall of the maze using the magic wand.
  3. Select > Modify > Expand 4 pixels
  4. Create new layer.
  5. Fill with Red.
  6. Select > Modify > Contract 2 pixels.
  7. Delete. Now you’ve got a line tracing the solution.
  8. Manually clean up the outer edge, and connect the dots.
  9. Cake!’

Here’s the result. Seriously nifty!

(Update: wow, this got Dugg heavily — 17000 pageviews from Digg alone! Unfortunately that caused a bit of a server meltdown. Should be back now though…)