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How I wound up with a pond

My weekend went like this:

  1. buy a Green Cone composting system
  2. read instructions
  3. find out I had to dig a 3′ by 2′ deep hole
  4. spend all Saturday afternoon digging massive hole in the back garden, horny-handed son of toil style
  5. just as I finish, the skies open
  6. watch in horror as the hole rapidly becomes a pond
  7. since the green cone requires a dry hole, wait for it to drain…
  8. …and wait…
  9. …and wait…

I’m still waiting. :(

I just hope the flooded state of the pit is a side effect of the monsoon levels of rain over the last week, and will drain soon, rather than the normal situation for the garden. Otherwise, I’ll have to fill the hole and give up on the Green Cone entirely… argh. I should have gone for the wormery option, like lisey suggested!

Update: Enda left a good tip in the comments — dig deeper into the clay and fill in with more gravel. I did that and it looks like it’s working… Let’s see if the worms like it. I’ll keep yis posted ;)