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Hunting the wily mangosteen

A few weeks ago, I was in Tesco Clearwater when I spotted something I wasn’t expecting; a tray of fruit labelled “Mangosteen“.

Mangosteen are delicious. In Thailand, they’re called “the queen of fruit” (with the oh-so-stinky and not quite as enjoyable Durian as the king). We once spent a week on a Thai beach snacking on bags of the things; they’re so good.

Unfortunately the tray was empty. :(

Ever since then, every time I’ve gone back to that Tesco, there’s been no sign of the mangosteen; not even another empty tray! Thing is, I now know they’re importing them, so I’m really jonesing… if any Dublin readers happen to spot some, please (a) be sure to buy some for yourself and (b) let us know where you found it!