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Stop with the fake phish data

An anonymous friend in the anti-phishing community writes:

For those of you who blog and/or have contacts in the general computer user ‘go fight ’em’ community:

Is there any way you can get the word out that dropping a couple hundred fake logins on a phishing site is NOT appreciated??

It creates havoc for those monitoring the drop since it’s an unbelieveable waste of time and resources to clean up the file. Also, for those drop files that ‘recycle’ after every 10 entries, valid data is lost.

It also creates havoc for those who get these files and try to notify victims. They waste time, too .. pulling legit info from amongst the trash.

I know there are programs out there that create/dump this stuff onto sites and some who call themselves ‘phish phighters’ enjoy the harassment aspect. But it wastes the time/effort of those who are seriously working these things.