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Test my auto-generated ruleset

(I posted this to the SA users and dev lists, too.)

I’ve been working on a new way to auto-generate body rules recently (see previous posts). The results are checked into SVN trunk daily in the “rulesrc/sandbox/jm/” file.

We haven’t had much time to figure out how to produce auto-generated 3.2.x rule updates for our entire ruleset at, so instead of dealing with that, I’ve taken a shortcut around it ;) I’m now making just the “” ruleset available as a standalone, unofficial sa-update ruleset at

Before using it, you’ll need the GPG key:

  sudo sa-update --import GPG.KEY                

then use this to update:

  sudo sa-update \
        --gpgkey 6C6191E3 --channel \
        [...other channels...] \

(similar to how you’d use Daryl’s sa-update version of the SARE rulesets.)

Feel free to run sa-update as frequently as you like.

Please consider it alpha; I may take it down in a few months depending on how it goes, or if we can get it working as part of the core updates. In the meantime though, I’m curious to hear how you get on with it. (In particular, copies of false positives would be very welcome.)

Update: it’s been very successful, so I’d now consider it in production.