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Surprise smash hit in the Irish Blogs Top 100

Damien posted an interesting suggestion for the Irish Blogs Top 100 the other day — during discussion of which, it emerged that there were a few overlooked Irish blogs which hadn’t yet shown up on the Irish blogs aggregator, and therefore were not appearing in the Top 100. These were:

Anyway, they’re in now. When I first spun up the script and checked the results, though I was a bit shocked and had to do a bit of a double-take — at number 1, far beyond Damien’s number 2, was, with a Technorati Rank of 1 and 102,857 inbound links from 88,772 blogs, compared to Damien’s Rank of 7946 with 1,606 links from 519 blogs.

Insane! I guess being in the default WordPress install makes a bit of difference there ;)

Interestingly,, with a Technorati Authority of 88,434, is far beyond the most popular blog listed on the Technorati Popular Blogs page. It seems that page is a hand-tweaked set of blogs, and not just a “Technorati global Top 100”, then, despite what one might naively assume…

PS: Damien’s original suggestion, btw, was to measure blog popularity using Google Reader and Feedburner’s audience stats. However, I can’t do that without a public API I’m allowed to scrape. Does anyone know of one?

Also worth noting that I recently added bookmarks as a metric of popularity, to go with the Technorati stuff. It’s interesting to see how those rankings differ — bloggers and bookmarkers don’t always agree, with bookmarkers preferring MP3s, Second Life, and politics I reckon.