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Interesting Irish Blog Awards shortlistee

This year’s Irish Blog Awards shortlists were posted yesterday. I maintain the Irish Blogs Technorati Top 100 list, so good sources of Irish blog URLs are always welcome; I took the shortlisted blogs and added them all.

Interestingly, straight in at number 2 went (warning: not worksafe!). It has a staggering Technorati rank of 1074 — way ahead of Donncha’s 5831 or Mulley’s 8678. I was pretty curious as to how an Irish blog could hit those heights without me having heard of it, so I took a look.

Let’s just say the content isn’t quite what you’d expect to find in a blog shortlisted for ‘Best News/Current Affairs Blog’ — a little bit short on Irish news, but heavy on pictures of naked guys getting off with each other. ;)

I took a quick glance, and I couldn’t spot any Irish content. WHOIS says the the publisher is LA-based. so I’m curious as to what qualified it as an “Irish blog”…

(by the way, I tried to leave a comment on the blog entry, but it appears Akismet is marking my comments as spam on a number of Wordpress-based blogs at the moment. Yes, I am aware of the irony. No, if SpamAssassin was a blog-spam filter, it wouldn’t do that ;)

Update: it’s sorted — they’re now gone. Also, it appears I’ve been removed from the Akismet blacklist, yay.