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vote for Dustin on Saturday

A friend of a friend writes:

Unless you are pretty good at avoiding the media, you will be aware that Dustin the Turkey has been chosen as one of six finalists for RTE’s Eurosong, the winner of which will go on to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Serbia in May.

What you may not be aware of is that I wrote and recorded the song with him and need your votes to help get me to Serbia!!!

The TV show will be broadcast live on RTE this Saturday Feb 23rd, at 7pm. It is a televote (a la X-factor format), so get your mobile phones ready. The results are at 9:45pm.

The song, Irlande Douze Points, is a parody on the current types of songs, acts and block-voting in the Eurovision. It may make your ears bleed a bit, you may ask yourself why, but what the hell, send someone you know to the final!!!

Apparently, Dustin urges the contest judges to “give douze points to Ireland, for its lowlands and its highlands, for Terry Wogan’s wig and Bono’s leather pants. We brought you Guinness and Westlife, 800-years of war and strife, but we all apologise for Riverdance.”

Check out the outraged reactions from Ireland’s past Eurovision “winners”:

Frank McNamara, who wrote two of the Irish Eurovision winners, asked whether RTE, the state broadcaster that selected the six acts, was “giving two fingers” to Irish ‘song’writers. “I think it is absolutely disgraceful.”

Shay Healy, who wrote Johnny Logan’s Eurovision hit What’s Another Year?, wondered “how any bunch of grown-ups could come up with this as a solution”

Phil Coulter thought that Eurovision was going “down the tubes”.

The choice on Saturday is between a turkey puppet taking the piss in a Northside accent, and such po-faced “serious pop” mawkfests as ‘“Double Cross My Heart” performed by Donal Skehan’ and ‘“Time to Rise” performed by Maya’. snore. You know it’s got to be the turkey.

Here’s the official Bebo page, and the Facebook group — and here’s the song itself:

Update: actually, here’s another, higher quality clip — with an entirely different song! Let’s hope this is the one…

Update 2: he won. Dana and the other professional Eurovision types have been chewing wasps, it’s hilarious!