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“What’s New” archaeology

jwz has, incredibly, resurrected, the WWW site of the Mosaic Communications Corporation, as it was circa Oct 1994.

Edmund Roche-Kelly was kind enough to get in touch and note this link —

September 3, 1993

IONA Technologies (whose product, Orbix, is the first full and complete implementation of the Object Management Group’s Common Object Request Broker Architecture, or CORBA) is now running a Web server.

An online pamphlet on the Church of the SubGenius is now available.

Guess who was responsible for those two ;)

I was, indeed, running the IONA web server — it was set up in June 1993, and ran Plexus, a HTTP server written in Perl. IONA’s server was somewhere around public web server number 70, world-wide.

The SubGenius pamphlet is still intact, btw, although at a more modern, “hyplan”-less URL these days. It’ll be 15 years old in 6 months… how time flies!