Google now include Code Search in normal results

Latest Google curiosity… I hadn’t spotted this before: it appears Google is now including ‘Code Snippet’ results in the results for its normal search. For example, a search for XSLoader gives this result:


The results highlighted on the page are for a local variable in a Java module, rather than the much more common XSLoader perl module. I guess ‘Code Snippet’ search is case-sensitive.

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  1. Posted April 8, 2008 at 22:00 | Permalink

    I have noticed the sam thing 2-3 days ago and since 1st April I have noticed a bit larger Google algo update.

    Interesting thing about snippet is they put exactly part you need to copy in 99% of cases.

    Is it comming from behaveoural tracking?

  2. Posted April 10, 2008 at 11:01 | Permalink

    hi Zoran!

    I wonder. they can probably detect the entire scope of a variable reasonably easily… from its declaration to the “return” statement, for example.