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Google Calendar ‘Quick Add’ smart keyword bookmark

Google Calendar has a nifty feature, “Quick Add”, where you can enter a natural-language string like “lunch with Justin, 1pm 20/4/08”, it parses it, and adds an appointment to your calendar. However, the link in the Calendar UI can’t be bookmarked; you have to go to the Calendar page, wait for it to sloooowly load all its AJAX bits, hit the link, and only then type the appointment details, by which time I’ve forgotten it anyway ADD-style. ;)

Elias Torrez came up with a Firefox extension to use the Quick Add feature in one keypress, but in my opinion that’s overkill — I don’t want the overhead of another extension, the upgrade worries, and I don’t want it using up a keyboard shortcut either. I’d prefer to just have this as a Firefox Smart Keyword — and thankfully the trick is in the comments for his blog post, from someone called Bjorn. So here’s the deal:

Name: Google Calendar Quick Add


Keyword: newcal

Description: add a new event in Google Calendar