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BoI data breach: a sample customer notification

More on the Bank of Ireland 30,000-customer data breach (which is up to 31,500 people by now — BoI promised to contact the “affected” customers by post, warning them that their data had been leaked. If you were wondering what those letters might look like, wonder no more. Here’s one, via a friend who found himself in this unenviable position:

So it’s not just name, date of birth, and address — he notes that they’ve leaked ‘information on the current account I use to pay for the policy.’

Interestingly, he says that his life assurance policy was set up directly with their life assurance department, not via the local branch — which directly contradicts what BoI say on their website:

The laptops contained information relating to some customers who either obtained a quote or took out a Life Assurance policy with Bank of Ireland Life from the following branches: [… list of branches omitted…]

The update from 28 April doesn’t clarify this, either. Hmm.

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