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Archives on the Debian OpenSSL fiasco

Great article from regarding the Debian OpenSSL vulnerability:

It is in the best interests of everyone, distributions, projects, and users, for changes made downstream to make their way back upstream. In order for that to work, there must be a commitment by downstream entities — typically distributions, but sometimes users — to push their changes upstream. By the same token, projects must actively encourage that kind of activity by helping patch proposals and proposers along. First and foremost, of course, it must be absolutely clear where such communications should take place.

Another recently reported security vulnerability also came about because of a lack of cooperation between the project and distributions. It is vital, especially for core system security packages like OpenSSH and OpenSSL, that upstream and downstream work very closely together. Any changes made in these packages need to be scrutinized carefully by the project team before being released as part of a distribution’s package. It is one thing to let some kind of ill-advised patch be made to a game or even an office application package that many use; SSH and SSL form the basis for many of the tools used to protect systems from attackers, so they need to be held to a higher standard.


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