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Firefox Download Evening

Download Day

Happy Firefox Download Day — or rather, Firefox Download Evening!

It turns out that the “day” in question has been defined as a 24-hour period starting at 10am Pacific Time; rather than compensating for the effects of timezones around the world, they’ve just picked an arbitrary 24-hour period.

That’s 6pm in Irish time, for example. At least I’m not one of the 57,000 Japanese pledgers, who’d be waiting up until 2am to kick off their download. It seems a little bizarre that there’s little leeway provided for non-US downloaders, who are right now twiddling their thumbs, waiting, while their “day” passes.

Annoyingly, the main world record page simply says ‘the official date for the launch of Firefox 3 is June 17, 2008’ — no mention of a starting time or official timezone at all!

This is the top thread on their forum right now — in addition to the omission of an entire continent ;)