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Links for 2008-08-05

Why San Francisco’s network admin went rogue an “eyewitness account” with allegations about the SF network admin in question — no documentation, passwords kept to himself instead of shared with his team, the entire network maintained by 1 person, never took holidays, bad tempered and stubborn — sounds like a recipe for classic BOFH disaster

Yehrin Tong Illustration cool, hyper-detailed hand-drawn tiling patterns

working around installation bug in File::Scan::ClamAV running the test suite results in “ERROR: Can’t open/parse the config file clamav.conf”; looks like File::Scan::ClamAV is now unmaintained :(

ALIFE Conference to reveal bio-inspired spam detection ‘this bio-inspired spam detection algorithm, based on the cross-regulation modeal of T-cell dynamics, is equally as competitive [sic] as state-of-the-art spam binary classifiers and provides a deeper understanding of the behaviour of T-cell cross-regulation systems.’

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