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Dumb eco-questions you were afraid to ask

New Scientist have a great article up this week entitled ‘Dumb eco-questions you were afraid to ask’, including:

Q: Does switching from bus to bike really have any effect? After all, cycling isn’t completely carbon neutral because I’ve got to eat to fuel my legs.

A: You are much better off cycling. A 12-kilometre round commute on a bus or subway train is reckoned to generate 164 kilograms of carbon per commuter per year. Somebody cycling that distance would burn about 50,000 calories a year – roughly the amount of energy in 22 kilograms of brown bread. A kilo of brown bread has a carbon footprint of about 1.1 kilograms, so switching from public transport to a bike saves about 140 kilograms of carbon emissions per year — although this only really works if enough people cycle to allow public transport providers to reduce the number of buses and trains they run.

Also included: ‘How clean does the pizza box/can/bottle have to be for it to be recyclable?’; ‘Are laminated juice cartons recyclable?’; ‘What’s worse, the CO2 put out by a gas-fuelled car or the environmental effects of hybrid-car batteries?’; ‘Can I put window envelopes in the paper recycling?’ and many more. Check it out…

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