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Links for 2009-01-08

  • Map/Reduce and Queues for MySQL using Gearman : A talk by Eric Day and Brian Aker at the upcoming MySQL Conference in April: ‘[Gearman] development is now active again with an optimized rewrite in C, along with features such as persistent message queues, queue replication, improved statistics, and advanced job monitoring. For MySQL, there is also a new user defined function to run Gearman jobs, as well as the possibility to write your own aggregate UDFs using Gearman. This gives you the ability to run functions in separate processes, separate servers, and in other languages. The Gearman framework gives you a robust interface to also run these functions reliably in the “cloud”. This session will introduce these concepts and give examples of sample applications.’ Persistent queues (at last)? Gearman integration directly in the DB? excellent!
    (tags: gearman queueing mysql databases brian-aker mapreduce sql conferences talks papers)

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