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Ice Cycling

I seem to have invented a new extreme sport on the way into work: Ice Cycling. The roads were like an ice-skating rink. Scary stuff :(

Here’s some advice for anyone in the same boat:

  • use a high gear: avoid using low gear if possible, even when starting off. Low revs mean you’re more likely to get traction.

  • try to avoid turns: keep the bike as upright as possible.

  • try to avoid braking: braking is very likely to start a skid in icy conditions.

  • use busy roads: where the ice has been melted by car traffic. In icy conditions, you should ride where the cars have been, since they’ll have melted the ice.

  • ride away from the gutters: they’re more likely to be iced over than the centre of a lane. Again, ride where the cars have been.

  • avoid road markings: it seems these were much icier than the other parts of the road; possibly because their high albedo meant the ice on them hadn’t been melted by the sun yet. So look out for that.

Here’s a good thread on, and don’t miss ‘Whether commuting to work, or just out for a romp in the woods, you arrive feeling very alive, refreshed, and surrounded with the aura of a cycling god. You will be looked upon with the smile of respect by friends and co-workers. – – – Or was that the sneer of derision…no matter, ICEBIKING is a blast!’ o-kay.

Their recommendations are pretty sane, though. ;)