UPC.ie’s new Channel 4 frequency for MythTV

So, after spending an hour or two attempting to figure out where the hell UPC had moved Channel 4 to, I eventually found out that it was now being broadcast on 543 Mhz. I also found out that this wasn’t part of the standard list of A1 to A30 channels in the “pal-ireland” range. :(

Thankfully, I then found this Frequency to MythTV channel converter page; here’s the correct values to use on the MythWeb channels page:

  • Freqid = 30
  • Finetune = -4
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  1. Posted April 14, 2009 at 14:51 | Permalink

    Ugh, sounds like the horror of hunting down monitor frequencies for XFree86. Think I can wait a bit longer for MythTV.

  2. Posted April 14, 2009 at 15:02 | Permalink

    yeah, it’s very similar. In both cases, the situation could be a lot easier if you use the right hardware. but it’s actually slightly worse in this case because UPC control the TV hardware entirely, and it’s illegal to use any other decoder hardware to access a cable-TV signal. this means that when they make little “tweaks” like this, we’re left floundering around in an undocumented hell trying to reverse-engineer what happened…

    Apparently Sky are a bit better in that regard. although I’m tempted to just get a “real” Sky+ box now that they’re entirely mainstream!