The Pay-No-Attention-To-Our-Tiny-Logo Party

In the current run-up to the local elections here in Ireland, it’s pretty obvious that Fianna Fail, the ruling party who’ve screwed the economy with mismanagement and rampant cronyism, are in line for a massive drubbing. So much so, in fact, that their own candidates are attempting to hide their party affiliations.

Check out this poster for candidate Kenneth O’Flynn (son of FF TD Noel O’Flynn):

what logo, you ask? Look closer:

Compare that to what FF posters used to look like, 2 years ago:

Meath FF councillor Nick Killian has removed the logo from his leaflet’s front page entirely, too.

Thanks to martinoc for the Bertie’s Team poster, and Ivor in the comments of this post at On The Record for the photos of Kenny’s posters. There’s gold in those comments…

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  1. GavinMc
    Posted May 17, 2009 at 13:18 | Permalink

    Seems reminiscent of posters used in Dublin North Central for a general election about 10-15 years ago. It was during the time that a huge number of revelations were coming out regarding Charlie Haughey (talk of Charvet shirts in ambassadors envelopes, unpaid taxes, yachts, islands etc.).

    As in your examples, the standard poster for candidates from all parties had the firstname in a small font and the surname writ large, eg

    richard BRUTON; ivor CALLELY; derek MCDOWELL

    There was one exception where the sizes were reversed. In massive letters was ‘SEAN’ and in a small font below was ‘haughey’.

    Despite all that, his seat has never been under threat for a moment.

  2. David Malone
    Posted May 17, 2009 at 20:35 | Permalink

    I was waiting at the bus stop on Friday and saw a poster for a young guy called Ronan Callely. “Ah, must be the Engine’s son”, I though. Then I noticed the slogan: “We need change now”. I was surprised he’d run for any party other than FF – on close inspection, he is running for FF, but you wouldn’t notice it to see the poster.

    Also, Julia Carmichael seems to have a similar strategy. Her posters suggest she is “a better choice”, presumably than the incumbent, but again closer inspection shows she’s a FF head too.