User script: add my delicious search results to Google

For years now, I’ve been collecting bookmarks at — nearly 7000 of them by now. I’ve been scrupulous about tagging and describing each one, so they’re eminently searchable, too. I’ve frequently found this to be a very useful personal reference resource.

I was quite pleased to come across the Delicious Search Results on Google Greasemonkey userscript, accordingly. It intercepts Google searches, adding Delicious tag-search results at the top of the search page, and works pretty well. Unfortunately though, that searches all of delicious, not specifically my own bookmarks.

So here’s a quick hack fix to do just that:

my_delicious_search_results.user.js – My Delicious Search Results on Google

Shows tag-search results from my Delicious account on Google search pages, with links to more extensive Delicious searches. Use ‘User Script Commands‘ -> ‘Set Delicious Username‘ to specify your username.



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  1. Posted August 16, 2009 at 10:45 | Permalink

    Hello. First of all, thanks a million for your script, it’s brilliant!

    Secondly, I have one feature request: if possible, please enable search results based not just on tags but also on the title. currently, if i search for “anne briggs” on google, i don’t get any delicious results through the script

    but if i search for “anne briggs” from the delicious homepage, i do get three results

    i think it is quite useful, as delicious delimits its tags with spaces (hence i cannot use “anne briggs” as a tag) and when i am searching on google, i am not likely to remember the specific “anne-briggs” tag that i have used.

    Again, thanks a lot for this userscript!

  2. Posted August 18, 2009 at 11:00 | Permalink

    thanks! good point. I considered that, but I don’t know if the del API provides a way to implement it….