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YA link-blog aggregator

Alex Payne writing about “Fever”, a new link-blog aggregator app:

Fever’s proposition is straightforward: supply it with the feeds you always want to read, and supplement those with feeds that you only want to read the juicy bits of. Fever will then show you a sort of personal Techmeme or Google News, pulling together stories that reference common URLs.

Fever is commercial software, costing $30. Alternatively, I’ve been doing something very similar for the past few years using SpicyLinks, which is free (if a great deal less pretty on the UI end).

It’s nice to see the idea getting some polish, though. ;)

Alex does raise an interesting point towards the end:

Fever is just fine for floating good techie content to the top, but poor for most any other subject. I’d love it if Fever could find me good posts from the set of minimal techno or cocktail blogs I subscribe to, but link blogs — and, indeed, linking outside one’s own site — just aren’t as prevalent in those communities.


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