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spamass-milter != SpamAssassin

Just heading this one off before it gets too much further…

A couple of weeks ago, a researcher found a bug in the spamass-milter project, an open-source milter to integrate SpamAssassin filtering into an MTA. Here’s the exploit details.

This H-Online story covered it:

Security vulnerability in SpamAssassin filter module

The SpamAssassin Milter plug-in which plugs in to Milter and calls SpamAssassin, contains a security vulnerability which can be exploited by attackers using a crafted email to inject and execute code on a mail server. The SpamAssassin Milter plug-in is frequently used to run SpamAssassin on Postfix servers.

(I think this is the source article on

That was more-or-less accurate — but the problem is the “chinese whispers” effect, where a news story on another site builds on misreadings of another news article. eSecurityPlanet:

Security Flaw Found in SpamAssassin Plug-in

The SpamAssassin Milter plug-in has been found to contain a security vulnerability. […]


To clarify: spamass-milter is not a part of SpamAssassin. it’s a third-party product which allows sendmail/postfix users to integrate spamassassin into their message flows as a milter.

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