Travel Insurance that works, even with ash clouds about?

Lazyweb request. In a few weeks I’ll be taking a flight, along with the wife and kids, for some holidays.

The trip was booked before the whole ash-cloud thing and I used Ace Travel Insurance, a typical low-cost travel insurance agency, winding up with an ‘ACE Travel Single Trip Travel HealthCover+ Insurance Policy’.

Looking at the policy doc now, it expressly excludes cover for ‘a Public Conveyance being cancelled or curtailed because of adverse weather, industrial action, or mechanical breakdown or derangement’ if ‘an aircraft, sea vessel or train is withdrawn from service on the orders of the recognised regulatory authority in any country’ — which is exactly what’s been happening in Ireland in the face of the Eyjafjallajoekull ash cloud.

That’s pretty useless, isn’t it? I’m considering booking another additional policy to cover the ‘ash case’. Anyone got any tips on single-trip policies that don’t use a similar exclusion?

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    If you do find a policy without that particular exclusion, double check that they don’t consider the ash cloud a pre-existing condition or a known event as there are usually exclusions for those as well. If your airport is currently closed from the ash cloud, it would definitely be a known event, but it’s a grey area if there’s no current interruptions to your travel when you take out the insurance.

    Your best defence is to book flexible travel for everything at your destination. The airline will refund the air fare if the flight is cancelled and if you get stuck at the other end the airline is required to put you up in a hotel until they can get you home. Sounds like it may be too late for that though.