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Links for 2010-08-17

  • Books of Adam : stories drawn by a guy I vaguely know online. really funny!
    (tags: blog comic funny fp)

  • 100 ways to spend the Anglo €25,000,000,000 : ‘just how much is €25 billion that [Ireland’s taxpayers] have to borrow for [failed bank] Anglo?’ some great answers, including: start our own space program with 20 space shuttles; build 6 LHCs or 2 ITER fusion reactors; scrap fares on all public transport for 33 years; buy 2 of Asia’s largest banks; buy Steve Jobs himself; detach the People’s Republic of Cork by building a ten-metre-wide moat; buy every house and apartment listed on
    (tags: money omgwtfbbq insane argh funny nama anglo sean-fitzpatrick ireland)