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Links for 2010-09-07

  • Game On : exhibition billing itself as “the world’s biggest celebration of games”, arrives in Dublin on Sep 20 at the Ambassador, on tour from its home in The Barbican Art Gallery in London. ‘Enjoy a totally interactive experience with rare memorabilia and play your way through over 100 playable games from the arcade classics to the latest releases.’ tix are EUR10
    (tags: games gaming exhibitions dublin)

  • Your Country, Your Call, You’re Doomed : Bock on the predictably-crap biz-waffle results from the YCYC “get Ireland back on track” competition. ‘If we don’t take this seriously, we’re doomed to repeat the current economic disaster over and over again, each generation with its own Bertie Ahern, its own Seanie Fitzpatrick, its own Fingers Fingleton, and all the other assorted, integrity-free panhandlers and parasites who have soiled the reputation of this country and sold us down the Swanee for their own, ignorant, self-serving enrichment. Forget about Eamon Ryan’s smart economy. Let’s put all our effort into creating the Honest Economy.’
    (tags: ycyc waffle business ireland vision-lock integrity bock-the-robber economy)

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