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Aslan’s hard times, from the UPC judgement

Oh dear. Quoting Mr Justice Charleton’s judgement in favour of UPC vs. EMI, Sony, et al:

‘This scourge of internet piracy strongly affects Irish musicians, most of whom pay tax in Ireland. ‘Aslan’ is a distinguished Irish group which has a loyal fan base; but not all of them believe in paying for music.Previous sales of their albums were excellent, about 35,000 per album, and in respect of one called “Platinum Collection”, a three CD box set, 50,000 copies were sold. More recently, an album called “Uncased” was released and only 6,000 copies were sold.Perhaps, it might be thought, the album was not popular and did not sell well? In contrast, a search was made to see how many illegal downloads had been made on the internet from that album, and 22,000 were traced.’

Aslan, eh?

So, that would be about the same figure as EMI quoted in a press statement in July 2009, which ‘Gambra’ on the boards thoroughly debunked at the time:

‘I’ve just been listening to the first minute or two of this and have done a mere 10 minutes of googling to try verify the claim of 25,000 downloads. The EMI press statement mentioned that they’ve tracked that amount of downloads “through Torrents Nova and Pirate Bay alone.” The first problem with that is that there’s no such site as Torrents Nova (I presumed they meant mininova but Aslan gets zero hits over there) but never mind, we’ll carry on. Next I search for ever possible permutation for downloads of the new Aslan album and I kept getting the same result which is “Aslan – Uncase’d (2009) KompletlyWyred” which was uploaded to thepiratebay. However this file only has a grand total of 9 seeders and 6 leechers and has been alive since the 26th of June. There’s no way of telling how many times it’s been leeched exactly but even if it was 6 new leechers every day it’d be a total of 108 downloads. It is fair to assume that only 9 of these bothered to seed back so I’d say the total is right.

Wondering still where the hell they got their mystical 25,000 total from I just searched for “Aslan Uncased” and was surprised to see 5 links to torrents of the album in the first two pages of results. However 4 of the 5 just link back to the one on TPB with 9 seeders. The 5th is where I think they got their mystical 25,000 total from:

This is the 7th result you get on google for the album title and when you click it you actually get “No Matches were found” but up at the top are FAKE results that are actually just ad links. You could search for anything and you’ll get those exact same four ad results.

If you refresh the totals change each time so it’s safe to say they found this link by googling the name, added up the total of listed downloads they got (which is totally random) and are using that to moan about their loss of sales. Incredible.’

Indeed, according to the site, an album called ‘Justin Mason on the nose flute’ has been downloaded 24,752 times — I never knew! Where’s my cheque?

Some quality facts and figures from EMI there, I suspect.