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    Email sent to Mooney via the FF website:

    The example you gave in your comments on copyright has been proven 100% false. You’re propogating a myth, if not an outright lie, put out there by the labels and IMRO. You can view a thorough debunking here:

    Please differentiate yourself from others in your party by educating yourself on the subject before commenting.

    Adam Beecher

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    Response from Mooney:

    Thanks you for your email and the link which obviously ‘debunks’ the record companies story. However, would you not agree that there should be some compromise between those who download music for free and acknowledging that the authors and composers of musical works should receive financial reward for their creativity? I assume you have no problem paying royalties to book authors so why should it be any different for writers?. I did point out in mu contribution that I hold no brief for the record companies. Also I am sure you agree that this is not just about the record companies ,it’s ultimately about jobs and people’s right to earn a living from their efforts. On a more personal level. Why is it that you feel the need to be so patronizing in your final comment? If you have a point of view to express then don’t forget what your parents thought you -a little manners go a long way ,don’t you think!

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    And mine:

    The issue I have is specifically with the example you gave, I made no comment about copyright in general and I fail to understand why you put the word “debunks” in quotes. Do you accept that the example you quoted is not true? Are you going to correct the Seanad record?

    On the subject of your perception of my tone, what exactly in my commentary do you object to? Is it the word “educating”? You clearly /didn’t/ educate yourself on this topic before standing up in one of the most important forum in this country and expounding on the subject, so how is that patronising exactly?

    If you need an example of someone being patronising, read the last sentence of your own email. It’s also happens to be an excellent example of hypocrisy.

    Typical Effer response, skip the criticism, put the blame on someone else, try to distract entirely. Textbook. All he’s short is “all that’s in the past, we have to look forward”.


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    I should have followed up on this, especially given the outcome in your later post on the subject. Apologies.

    Paschal Mooney replied with:

    Thank you for your email. I based my contribution on the reports in the media and at the time had no reason to believe they were untrue as Aslan or any of it’s representatives are not quoted as denying it. I will be happy to correct the record. I would be interested in your opinion as to how to address the issue of illegal downloading. Although legislation has been introduced in Germany and France ,I understand that it is proving difficult to enforce due to the complexities of this issue. The basic question is how is it possible under legislation to protect the rights of authors and composers.

    I objected to the overall tone of your initial email which seemed to be more in the nature of a lecture .Just my opinion but please let us not get into an argument on this.

    To which I replied with:

    If you believe everything you see in the media, you should find another trade! Seriously, I accept that maybe you don’t have a lot of time for fact-checking, but if that’s the case get someone else to do it for you. Science is the new religion and the internet is the new media, if you don’t check your facts it /will/ catch up with you at some point.

    The basic answer to protecting the rights of artists legislatively is to /actually/ protect the rights of artists, not labels and studios who act in their own best interests, not the best interests of the artists. They also don’t get that the genie is out of the bottle, and rather than embracing technology they’re battling against it in a futile war that they /can’t/ win; not legislatively, not technologically.

    If /you/ want to genuinely protect the rights of /artists/, talk to them, not the labels and studios. Hold an open forum for artists to attend, and invite /all/ of them, not just a select few like the luddites in Aslan; I guarantee you’ll be having a different conversation. Bring the labels along if you want, but if you invite them, you have to invite the techies too. Bring along, for example, he’ll bury their “facts”.

    I don’t think I was being rude in my original email, just terse. I’ve emailed – and faxed – many of your party colleagues over the years, and very few of them have had the courtesy to reply. Given that, you can probably understand why I keep my communications with FF policitians short and to the point.

    I do appreciate your reply though, I hope it’s par for the course.

    And Paschal Mooney’s final response:

    Thank you for further information. I linked onto Michael Geist as you suggested, he sounds like a good source of info on this subject.

    Please keep me informed of any further developments in this area.

    After this he corrected the record in the Dail, as you’ve reported elsewhere. Again apologies to you and to Paschal Mooney for not updating sooner.