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Links for 2010-12-13

  • : ‘We are proud to announce the free and open-source, a new method of input for over 100 languages that uses statistical reasoning so that users can type effortlessly in plain ASCII while ultimately producing accurate text. This allows Vietnamese users, for example, to simply type “Moi nguoi deu co quyen tu do ngon luan va bay to quan diem,” which will be automatically corrected to “M?i ng??i ??u có quy?n t? do ngôn lu?n và b?y t? quan ?i?m” after Accentuation. To date, we support four clients: Mozilla Firefox, Perl, Python, and Vim, with more to be added shortly.’ cool
    (tags: accents language web-services typing text-entry ascii unicode characters)

  • The Day MAME Saved My Ass : ‘Publishers would have people believe that MAME and the emulation scene is the root of all evil, that it promotes piracy and ultimately hurts the poor, starving developers slaving away on the game. Not only is this claim patently false, it ignores the fact that many developers use things like MAME, mod chips, and homebrew development utilities to help us overcome the day-to-day frustrations caused by the people behind the real problems in our industry.’
    (tags: mame games coding legal spy-hunter emulation rips takedowns)

  • Digital Socket Awards : ‘We’d like you to nominate the longlist of best music of 2010 on From this, 26 blogger judges from towns and cities all over Ireland will each score their top choices to reach a shortlist of three finalists in each category. The winners will be announced on 3 February 2011 at a live event in Dublin’s Grand Social.’
    (tags: blogs blogging irishblogs music mp3 mp3blogs ireland awards)

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