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Links for 2010-12-16

  • : ‘to help citizens access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Irish Government and public sector authorities; to improve access to the Irish Government data and to establish an innovative platform that can demonstrate to government how and why they should share data’
    (tags: open data ireland open-data open-source free datasets)

  • RunwayFinder shut down by patent trolls : “While we appreciate your offer to shut down the website to stop future infringement, we notice that your website is still operation. And without further information from you, our only means to assess the potential damages is the observation that your website had 22,256 unique visitors in July 2010. Each visit represents a potential lost sale of our client’s patented invention at $149 per sale. This damage calculation exceeds $3.2 million per month in lost revenue.”
    (tags: patents swpats patent-trolls flightprep runwayfinder aviation web law)

  • The Background Dope on DHS Recent Seizure of Domains : according to this, the US Dept of Homeland Security is “seizing” domains through a back-channel to Verisign, since they directly control the .com TLD’s nameservers. Expect to see dodgy sites start using non-US TLDs, names in multiple TLDs a la Pirate Bay, and eventually IPs instead of DNS records
    (tags: tlds dns security dhs seizure domains cctlds filesharing icann immixgroup)