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temporary Hackerspace at MindField

This sounds very cool! Nice one, hackerspace ppl.

Ireland’s Hackerspaces and Makerspaces (091 Labs – Galway, Belfast Hackerspace, MilkLabs – Limerick, Nexus Cork and TOG – Dublin) have been asked to build and man a temporary hackerspace during the MindField – International Festival of Ideas ( MindField will take place over the weekend of 29 April – 1 May in Merrion Square.

During MindField our temporary hackerspace will provide a range of events where festival participants can learn about diybio, 3D printing, basic electronics and micro controllers, electronic fashion/crafting and open data. These events are included in the festival schedule (

In parallel with these events we have an opportunity run a Hardware Hacking Challenge. In this challenge we will try to engage a group of willing hacker, makers and festival participants in the challenge to create or construct interesting or innovative projects out of recycled hardware. We are trying to source interesting materials, electronic devices or equipment that can be used to based projects off or as sources of components.

We are particularly interested in devices that contain various types of transducers which can then be hooked up to micro controllers and computers. We’re not looking for normal computer equipment or servers we’ve got lots of that, but more unusual stuff that people have lying around.

If you think you’ve got something they might like, contact Robert Fitzsimons.

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