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Links for 2011-04-29

  • Online censorship now bordering on the ridiculous in Turkey – Reporters Without Borders : ‘access to websites containing words on the list would in theory be suspended and it would be impossible to create new ones containing them. However, it is not clear how and to what extent the directive will be implemented in practice. The TIB could decide to suppress or block pages for just one blacklisted word. … The list, which borders on the ridiculous, includes words such as “etek” (skirt), “baldiz” (sister-in-law) and “hayvan” (animals). It poses serious problems for access to online information. If words such as “free” and “pic” are censored, countless references to freedom and everyday photos will be eliminated from the Turkish Internet.’ Incredible (via Danny)
    (tags: via:mala repression internet turkey censorship filtering false-positives)