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Links for 2011-06-10

  • Hipster Ipsum : ‘Adipisicing do Tumblr fugiat vinyl Pitchfork. Organic tempor laboris, esse Tumblr irure eu nostrud. Dolor Cosby sweater mustache qui consequat incididunt. McSweeney’s ullamco occaecat Wes Anderson. Minim aute lomo, duis ea proident enim Carles. Eiusmod culpa photo booth ex. Pariatur incididunt minim qui, dolor Pitchfork wayfarers mollit vinyl fixie.’ (via boogah)
    (tags: via:boogah hipster lorem-ipsum filler text markov-chains funny humour)

  • Apple rips off student’s rejected iPhone app : ‘Wi-Fi Sync’ was rejected from the App Store last May — and a year later, iOS 5 is released with the same feature. what a coincidence! ‘Hughes said Wi-Fi Sync was rejected from the iTunes App Store in May, 2010, one month after he submitted it. He said an iPhone developer relations representative named Steve Rea personally called him prior to sending a formal rejection email to say the app was admirable, but went on to explain there were unspecified security concerns and that it did things not specified in the official iPhone software developers’ kit. “They did say that the iPhone engineering team had looked at it and were impressed,” Hughes told El Reg. “They asked for my CV as well.”’
    (tags: apple walled-garden protectionism iphone wifi syncing apps ip rip-offs)

  • Why Ryanair The Cookie Monster is just an urban myth : “If the price manipulation allegations were true, we would have expected to see price discrepancies in the results between Firefox and Chrome on day two. What we actually saw were exactly the same prices on both browsers.”
    (tags: ryanair pricing airlines travel web shopping urban-myths)

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