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Links for 2011-06-11

  • Data Protection Commissioner investigating Eircom’s “three strikes” system : Eircom accused customers of piracy using systems that hadn’t been updated for DST. ‘this appears to show up ineptitude in relation to a very basic aspect of network management – i.e. making sure that the server clock reflects daylight savings time. As a result, it seems that users found themselves being accused on the basis of what somebody else did from the same IP address either an hour earlier or an hour later. Consequently, the users who were wrongfully accused should consider themselves lucky that this incompetence did not lead to their being accused of a serious crime – for example, being arrested and having their homes searched due to the wrong time being used.’ As TJ explains, this could have very serious results
    (tags: dpc ireland eircom fail time dst daylight-savings three-strikes filesharing piracy)

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