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Links for 2011-11-23

  • How does LMAX’s disruptor pattern work? – Stack Overflow : LMAX’s “Disruptor” concurrent-server pattern, claiming to be a higher-throughput, lower-latency, and lock-free alternative to the SEDA pattern using a massive ring buffer. Good discussion here at SO. (via Filippo)
    (tags: via:filippo servers seda queueing concurrency disruptor patterns latency trading performance ring-buffers)

  • Scrapheap Transhumanism : Lepht Anonym and the ‘Grinders’. crazy stuff — low-end DIY cybernetic augmentation. ‘The implants sit in various places under my skin: middle fingertips of my left hand, back of the right hand, right forearm — tiny magnets, five or six millimeters across, coated in gold and then in silicon to isolate the delicate metal from the destructive environment of your body. They’re something of an investment at about thirty euros apiece, and hard to get hold of, but worth pursuing. When implanted, they become technological sensory organs. There’s an entire world of electromagnetic radiation out there, invisible to most. Our cities are saturated with it. A radio, for instance, gives off a field that’s bigger than the device itself. So do power supplies and wires in the walls. The implants pick up on the fields, and because they’re magnets, they fizz with gentle electricity, telling you this hard drive is currently active, that one is turned off, there’s the main line in the wall. Holding a mobile phone, you can feel the signals it sends and receives. You know it’s ringing before it starts to play any sounds, and when you answer it, you stick the touchscreen stylus to the back of your hand to hold it, then to your finger to type.’
    (tags: diy augmentation cybernetics transhumanism lepht-anonym grinders biohacking cyberpunk medicine)

  • Apache considered harmful : ouch
    (tags: git asf apache via:hn github programming)