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Links for 2012-02-26

  • Zombie Gnomes Bye Bye Birdie by ChrisandJanesPlace on Etsy : ‘This is a sorry sight indeed. A poor helpless Lawn Flamingo has been taken down by zombie gnomes: Nose-less Ned, Greedy Gary, and Bartolomeu.It seems like an unlikely kill until Bartolomeu broke the elegant beasts leg and brought it crashing to the ground. Where they pounced upon their helpless victim and began their feast. So we say “Bye Bye Birdie, I’m going to miss you so, Bye Bye Birdie, Why’d you have to go?”‘ — bloody hell
    (tags: etsy regretsy funny odd flamingo zombies gnomes)

  • twitter/jvmgcprof – GitHub : ‘gcprof is a simple utility for profile allocation and garbage collection activity in the JVM […] Profile allocation and garbage collection activity in the JVM. The gcprof command runs a java command under profiling. Allocation and collection statistics are printed periodically. If -n or -no are provided, statistics are also reported in terms of the given application metric. Total allocation, allocation rate, and a survival histogram is given. The intended use for this tool is twofold: (1) monitor and test garbage allocation and GC behavior, and (2) inform GC tuning.’
    (tags: gc java performance twitter jvm tools)

  • YouTube Identifies Birdsong As Copyrighted Music – Slashdot : ‘So I asked some questions, and it appears that the birds singing in the background of my video are Rumblefish’s exclusive intellectual property.”‘ Major problems with how YouTube is now policing IP infringement, it seems
    (tags: birdsong absurd google fail youtube rumblefish copyfight)

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