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Links for 2012-04-12

  • Graft punk: Breaking the law to help urban trees bear fruit : This is brilliant. I find it pretty offensive that “ornamental” fruit trees are chosen by urban councils, so that fruit doesn’t fall on the path and become slippery or whatever — come on, that’s just what trees do! ‘They’re covertly grafting — a practice of connecting two branches in a way that will allow their vascular tissues to join together — fruit tree limbs onto the trunks of ornamental cherry, plum, and pear trees.’
    (tags: public roads trees nature city urban fruit guerrilla grafting)

  • The Cake Cafe map of Ireland : ‘Now that Dublin is in our bag, on our Tea Towel and across our Aprons, The Cake Café is going to create a new map of Ireland. We want to fill this map with all of your favorite places in land. Please send us locations that turn you on, fire your imaginations, or just fulfill your dreams; what ever you think should be included. Please pass the request on to friends in far flung parts of the land so they too can send their suggestions; natural or unnatural, animal or man made, a view, a corner of a field, an island or even a journey or hidden places to enjoy a picnic. — thecakecafe /at/’. Their map of Dublin is a work of genius — I love that they include a decent chunk of the Northside, which was a notable failure of the Alljoy Design version. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for Ireland.
    (tags: cake-cafe ireland maps mapping crowdsourcing dublin design tea-towels)

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