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Links for 2012-04-13

  • Ask For Forgiveness Programming – Or How We’ll Program 1000┬áCores : Nifty concept from IBM Research’s David Ungar — “race-and-repair”. Simply put, allow lock-free lossy/inconsistent calculation, and backfill later, using concepts like “freshener” threads, to reconcile inconsistencies. This is a familiar concept in distributed computing nowadays thanks to CAP, but I hadn’t heard it being applied to single-host multicore parallel programming before — I can already think of an application in our codebase…
    (tags: race-and-repair concurrency coding ibm parallelism parallel david-ungar cap multicore)

  • Operations, machine learning and premature babies – O’Reilly Radar : good post about applying ML techniques to ops data. ‘At a recent meetup about finance, Abhi Mehta encouraged people to capture and save “everything.” He was talking about financial data, but the same applies here. We’d need to build Hadoop clusters to monitor our server farms; we’d need Hadoop clusters to monitor our Hadoop clusters. It’s a big investment of time and resources. If we could make that investment, what would we find out? I bet that we’d be surprised.’ Let’s just say that if you like the sound of that, our SDE team in Amazon’s Dublin office is hiring ;)
    (tags: ops big-data machine-learning hadoop ibm)