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Links for 2012-04-23

  • First Music Contact – Music3.0 : ‘We talk a lot about what the world of music and artists will look like five or ten years from now. But for changes to happen then, the conversations need to happen now. We believe that the next big thing in music is not going to ever appear on a stage. After the record industry (music 1.0) and the live music industry (music 2.0), it’s time to pay more attention to innovation (music 3.0) and what can come from constructively disrupting how the music industry operates. It’s time to open up the shop. It’s time for unvested interests to see if they can use existing data and ecosystems to make a better music business. For far too long, music has been a conservative sector which views the influence of outside forces with abject suspicion and rank horror. Chalk this down to some bad experiences over the last 15 years due to misunderstandings with and ignorance of the tech and telecoms worlds. Chalk this down to rampant music industry egos which lead folks to believe no-one else can sell music bar music players. Chalk it down to fear of disruption. So, it’s time for change. You can’t keep doing the same things in the same way and hope you won’t make the same mistakes again. It’s time to listen to and learn from smart people in other areas. It’s time for people who have innovative ideas or even just the stirrings of innovative ideas to take stock from people who operate in other areas and who deal with ideas, technology and the valuable currency of innovation every single working day. It’s time for some different talking which is going to lead to some very different make-and-do experiences.’ Looks excellent. (via Jim Carroll)
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