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Links for 2012-06-20

  • The Hydra Bay : “How to set up a Pirate Bay proxy”. Step-by-step instructions for MacOS and Linux on how to run a fully-functional reverse proxy for The Pirate Bay — in other words, provide a duplicate URL for users to circumvent ISP blocks of TPB. contains about a hundred others. See also for a standalone PHP script which does the same (albeit a little less efficiently). A good demonstration of how futile filtering techniques like IP or domain name blocks are, when applied to a popular website like TPB.
    (tags: piratebay filtering censorship copyright php proxies reverse-proxies ip-blocking dns-blocking)

  • how to restore from iCloud backup : the trick: don’t try and do it through iTunes, it won’t give you the option, apparently. I have a carrier unlock, and apparently need to wipe the phone for it to take place; this scares the crap out of me
    (tags: backup iphone restore sysadmin phones icloud apple howto)