Links for 2012-06-25

  • Eight Real Tales of Learning Computer Science as a High School Girl : ‘All students at Stuyvesant High School are required to take a year of computer science. As it turns out, the advanced computer science classes skew mostly male anyway. But for a year, boys and girls get exposed to computer programming together. We asked Mike Zamansky, the head of the computer science program, to share some stories from his female students. They did us one better. Eight students sent in first-hand accounts of what it’s like to learn computer programming as a teenage girl.’ Some interesting comments here. This topic is weighing on my mind now that I have two girls…
    (tags: schools learning education computer-science technology nyc girls teenage)

  • RBS collapse details revealed – The Register : as noted in the gossip last week. ‘The main batch scheduling software used by RBS is CA-7, said one source, a former RBS employee who left the company recently.’ ‘RBS do use CA-7 and do update all accounts overnight on a mainframe via thousands of batch jobs scheduled by CA-7 … Backing out of a failed update to CA-7 really ought to have been a trivial matter for experienced operations and systems programming staff, especially if they knew that an update had been made. That this was not the case tends to imply that the criticisms of the policy to “offshore” also hold some water.’
    (tags: outsourcing failure software rbs natwest ulster-bank ulster-blank offshoring downsizing ca-7 upgrades)

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  1. nishad
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    If I had a dollar for every time a woman has told me how much they liked math in school but were told that it was not for girls, I’d have enough for a decent bottle of wine. You’re gonna have to teach your girls yourself :-|