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Links for 2012-09-20

  • Facebook monitoring cache with Claspin

    reasonably nice heatmap viz for large-scale instance monitoring. I like the “snake” pattern for racks

    (tags: facebook monitoring dataviz heatmaps claspin cache memcached ui)

  • The Oireachtas great leap backwards: it’s not just about

    ‘it appears that the Oireachtas has decided to save time and money by eliminating entirely the stage in their workflow that parsed raw debates records into XML. This stage has been replaced with a (presumably automated) process that generates web pages from Lotus Notes. It’s easy to see how somebody with little appreciation of the value of providing open public data in a structured format could have viewed this stage as a costly luxury, and its elimination as a simple and obvious “efficiency”. It’s particularly disappointing, however, that nobody in the decision-making process seemed to be aware of how much of a backward step this “efficiency” would represent. As John Handelaar of told The Irish Times, “We are replacing 2012 with 1995 overnight”.’

    (tags: kildare-street open-data opengov ireland data oireachtas)

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