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Links for 2013-01-25

  • Big Data Lambda Architecture

    An article by Nathan “Storm” Marz describing the system architecture he’s been talking about for a while; Hadoop-driven batch view, Storm-driven “speed view”, and a merging API

    (tags: storm systems architecture lambda-architecture design Hadoop)

  • Network graph viz of Irish politicians and organisations on Twitter

    generated by the Clique Research Cluster at UCD and DERI. ‘a visualization of the unified graph representation for the users in the data, produced using Gephi and sigma.js. Users are coloured according to their community (i.e. political affiliation). The size of each node is proportional to its in-degree (i.e. number of incoming links).’ sigma.js provides a really user-friendly UI to the graphs, although — as with most current graph visualisations — it’d be particularly nice if it was possible to ‘tease out’ and focus on interesting nodes, and get a pasteable URL of the result, in context. Still, the most usable graph viz I’ve seen in a while…

    (tags: graphs dataviz ucd research ireland twitter networks community sigma.js javascript canvas gephi)

  • 50 Watts

    Incredible blog of book covers and illustrations, much from the 1970s

    (tags: illustration art prints 1970s graphics)

  • Namazu-e: Earthquake catfish prints

    ‘In November 1855, the Great Ansei Earthquake struck the city of Edo (now Tokyo), claiming 7,000 lives and inflicting widespread damage. Within days, a new type of color woodblock print known as namazu-e (lit. “catfish pictures”) became popular among the residents of the shaken city. These prints featured depictions of mythical giant catfish (namazu) who, according to popular legend, caused earthquakes by thrashing about in their underground lairs. In addition to providing humor and social commentary, many prints claimed to offer protection from future earthquakes.’

    (tags: japan art namazu-e ukiyo-e catfish earthquakes myth)

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