Links for 2013-02-25

  • UnoDNS

    ‘Watch Netflix USA, Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, and more in [sic] anywhere you live!’ — seems to use similar techniques to, looks like it works for my Netflix

    (tags: netflix dns tv tunnelling drm networking spotify hulu)

  • Cassandra, Hive, and Hadoop: How We Picked Our Analytics Stack

    reasonably good whole-stack performance testing and analysis; HBase, Riak, MongoDB, and Cassandra compared. Riak did pretty badly :(

    (tags: riak mongodb cassandra hbase performance analytics hadoop hive big-data storage databases nosql)

  • Big Data Analytics at Netflix. Interview with Christos Kalantzis and Jason Brown.

    Good interview with the Cassandra guys at Netflix, and some top Mongo-bashing in the comments

    (tags: cassandra netflix user-stories testimonials nosql storage ec2 mongodb)

  • Werner Knaupp – Acrylbilder

    my favourite art of the moment. Thick, heavy layers of acrylic black and white paint, evoking the stormy Atlantic (brr). Gallery Bode, which showed this in Nuremberg in 2011, wrote the following at :

    Gallery Bode is pleased to constitute the cooperation with Werner Knaupp with an exhibition of a new workseries. The exhibition showcases artworks out of the series “Westmen Isles”. […] The journeys to Iceland are a background to the development of this new workseries. These paintings are telling of a forbidding nature. The beholder can’t take a [safe] position but he is involved into the event which becomes comprehensible in a nearly physical way. These pictures of a overwhelming nature could be traced back to Knaupp’s confrontation with the force of nature while his journeys. The experience of this force pushes the limits of human being and evokes primal fear. With the abdication of colours the artworks reach dynamic. This foots on the consistency of colour and on the changing between reality and abstraction. In an art historical view the new black and white paintings detached themselves from traditional landscape painting. Werner Knaupp implements the pure force of nature into pure painting, to visualise the force fields of nature. The beholder experiences with these artworks a nature without human dimension. In Werner Knaupp’s Oeuvre the “Westmen Isles” paintings are a new expression of his examination with existential fundamental questions.

    (tags: germany art painting werner-knaupp paintings monochrome sea iceland)

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  1. Posted March 10, 2013 at 11:08 | Permalink

    We’ve had Riak in production for more than year now. It’s really good as K/V store and ultra-low admin, but M/R is slow. Simple example – we found to count a few million keys in a bucket, it’s quicker to stream the keys through a single node and count on the client than use an Erlang M/R on 5 node cluster and just return the result.

    Our solution has been to de-normalize and pre-compute many of the things we intended to use M/R for. If you think of Riak as a K/V of infinite size, and write your data in several different ways based on retrieval patterns, that to me is a better use of the store.