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Links for 2013-04-11

  • google-http-java-client

    Written by Google, this library is a flexible, efficient, and powerful Java client library for accessing any resource on the web via HTTP. It features a pluggable HTTP transport abstraction that allows any low-level library to be used, such as, Apache HTTP Client, or URL Fetch on Google App Engine. It also features efficient JSON and XML data models for parsing and serialization of HTTP response and request content. The JSON and XML libraries are also fully pluggable, including support for Jackson and Android’s GSON libraries for JSON.
    Not quite as simple an API as Python’s requests, sadly, but still an improvement on the verbose Apache HttpComponent API. Good support for unit testing via a built-in mock-response class. Still in beta

    (tags: google beta software http libraries json xml transports protocols)

  • Former IMF chief of mission to Ireland says not burning the bondholders was “a mistake”

    Former IMF chief of mission to Ireland, Ashoka Mody, above left with Ajai Chopra in 2010. Melancholy of eye and large of loafer, Ashoka was involved in negotiating Ireland’s EU/IMF bailout. […] This morning Ashok gave an interview to Gavin Jennings on Morning Ireland, in which he admitted Ireland’s bailout was riddled with mistakes, namely the non-burning of the senior bondholders and the program of austerity. Jennings: “So, if imposing austerity on Ireland was wrong, or a mistake; if not allowing any burning of bondholders, whether official, sovereign or private was a mistake; you were centrally involved in that program. I know Ajai Chopra was very much the public face of the IMF mission to Ireland. But you were centrally involved in constructing this bailout. How much responsibility do you take for those errors.” Mody: “Yes, so, obviously, I have to take the responsibility in…but I’m in very good company in taking responsibility in this. There were many parties involved. And my role really was to bring such matters to the attention of people who finally made these decisions.”

    (tags: bondholders imf ireland economy default ajai-chopra ashoka-mody)

  • Savita Halappanavar’s inquest: the three questions that must be answered | Dr. Jen Gunter

    A professional OB/GYN analyses the horrors coming to light in the Savita inquest. Here’s one particular gem:

    Fetal survival with ruptured membranes at 17 weeks is 0%, this is from prospective study. […but] “real and substantial risk” to the woman’s life is what is required by the Irish constitution to terminate a pregnancy, *whether or not the foetus is viable*.
    So the foetus had 0% chance of survival — but still termination was not considered an option. Bloody hell.

    (tags: religion ireland savita horrors malpractice galway guh hospitals hse health inquest abortion pro-choice pregnancy)

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