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Links for 2013-05-01

  • Kanban for MDN development

    Mozilla’s experience with Kanban. We’ve had good results in Amazon, too. good intro links in this post — might start talking about it in Swrve…

    (tags: kanban scheduling team agile mozilla)

  • Secret Bitcoin mining code added to game sparks outrage

    Thunberg’s admission that [the E-Sports Entertainment Association client software] ran Bitcoin-mining software without explicit user consent is startling. Aside from potentially opening the company up to huge legal liability, the move is likely to engender distrust among some of the company’s most loyal fans. The nonchalance of some of Thunberg’s comments may only add insult to the betrayal many users are likely to feel. “But for the record, IĀ told jag he shouldn’t be lazy and run the miner in a separate process,” he wrote in a post, referring to one of his software engineers with the screen name Jaguar, who didn’t take steps to conceal the Bitcoin miner. “Rookie move.” In the later post he wrote: “100% of the funds are going into the s14 prize pot, so at the very least your melted gpus contributed to a good cause.”

    (tags: bitcoin abuse games malware esea gpus)

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