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Links for 2013-05-30

  • incompetent error-handling code in the mongo-java-driver project

    an unexplained invocation of Math.random() in the exception handling block of this MongoDB java driver class causes roflscale lols in the github commit notes. has more explanation.

    (tags: github commits mongodb webscale roflscale random daily-wtf wtf)

  • Hermetic Servers

    ‘What is a Hermetic Server? The short definition would be a “server in a box”. If you can start up the entire server on a single machine that has no network connection AND the server works as expected, you have a hermetic server! This is a special case of the more general “hermetic” concept which applies to an isolated system not necessarily on a single machine. Why is it useful to have a hermetic server? Because if your entire [system under test] is composed of hermetic servers, it could all be started on a single machine for testing; no network connection necessary! The single machine could be a physical or virtual machine.’ These also qualify as “fakes”, using the terminology Martin Fowler suggests at , I think

    (tags: google testing hermetic-servers test test-doubles unit-testing)

  • Don’t Overuse Mocks

    hooray, sanity from the Google Testing blog. this has been a major cause of pain in the past, dealing with tricky rewrites of mock-heavy unit test code

    (tags: mocking testing tests google mocks unit-testing)

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