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Links for 2013-06-12

  • Vagrant and Chef to provision dev test environments

    We have recently switched from a manually configured development environment to a nearly fully automated one using Vagrant, Chef, and a few other tools. With this transition, we’ve moved to an environment where data on the dev boxes is considered disposable and only what’s checked into the SCM is “real”. This is where we’ve always wanted to be, but without the ability to easily rebuild the dev environment from scratch, it’s hard to internalize this behavior pattern.

    (tags: dev osx chef vagrant testing vms coding)

  • Rapid Response: The NSA Prism Leak

    ‘The biggest leak in the history of US security or nothing to worry about? A breach of trust and a data protection issue or a necessary secret project to protect American interests? [Tomorrow] lunchtime Science Gallery Rapid Response event [sic] will pick through the jargon, examine the minutiae of the National Security Agency’s PRISM project and the whistle blower Edward Snowden’s revelations, and discuss what it means for you and everyone. And we’ll look at the bigger picture too. Journalist Una Mullally will chair a panel of guests on the story that everyone is talking about. ‘

    (tags: science-gallery panel-discussions dublin nsa prism panel)

  • Music firms secure orders blocking access to Pirate Bay – Crime & Law News from Ireland & Abroad | The Irish Times – Wed, Jun 12, 2013

    Four major music companies have secured court orders requiring six internet service providers to block access by subscribers to various Pirate Bay websites within some 30 days in a bid to prevent illegal downloading of copyright music and other material. […] Today, Mr Justice Brian McGovern said he was satisfied to make the order in circumstances including that new copyright laws here and in the EU permitted such orders to be made. He said he fully agreed with a previous High Court judge who had said he would make such blocking orders if the law permitted and noted the law now allowed for such orders. The form of the orders means the music companies will not have to make fresh applications to court if Pirate Bay changes its location on the internet.

    (tags: pirate-bay blocking filtering internet ireland upc eircom vodafone digiweb three imagine o2 copyright)

  • Labour TD ignores tough questions on web case

    I [Tom Murphy] have asked [Sean Sherlock] a question: Does he have any comment about the lawsuit between EMI and UPC (and a raft of other ISPs too btw) which is using his SI to attempt to block PirateBay? A court case he said would not happen. Now, I am blocked from following him on Twitter. This is not how a proper political system works.

    (tags: politics ireland twitter sean-sherlock tom-murphy boards devore copyright)

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